• Customized solutions
    • Our solutions are always customized to best suit to our customers'needs.
    • Software customization: carried out by your team and/or by our technical team:
      The aim is to integrate the tool into your interface and adapt it to your technical environment, then to configure it according to your needs and define access rights.
    • Language customization: carried out by your team and/or our language department:
      The aim is to give your coworkers a tool that is fully adapted to your own terminology (market, business sector, in-house jargon, etc).
    • General approach:
      • First we optimize translation quality and adapt terminology to your specific field or context.
      • Then we create a reference lexicon that can be published as an independent dictionary (meaning: validated in context, updated, checked for consistency, and enriched with information which can be used for writing and is generally not available in translation software solutions).
    • Methodology:
      • Our linguists define an application framework using one or more specialized dictionaries. They apply a very precise, thorough methodology, in the following stages:
      • Identify your language resources (internal / external PR, marketing, monolingual and/or bilingual lexicons/glossaries/ reference texts...anything that directly concerns your field of business)
      • Analyse these resources to define the most suitable method.
      • Create an initial translation dictionary on the basis of the lexical resources identified.
      • Validate content and add context to entries and translations in the new dictionary.