• A word from the president

    Helping various language groups to communicate more efficiently might seem like an ambitious project, but that’s exactly what Reverso – Softissimo has been doing successfully for the last 10 years.Starting in the early days of Internet, Reverso has developed the first free online high-performance translation service (reverso.net). Since then, with the development of corporate Intranet websites, Reverso has supported big names in managing multilingual communication.

    Despite the popularity of our software, our Research and Development team constantly strives for innovation. This means Reverso can keep up with the very latest consumer trends: Web 2.0, Internet tablets, IPhones, voice commands, etc. The recipe for our success never changes: accurate and relevant language solutions combined with user-friendly design and browsing experience.

    • Théo Hoffenberg

    Trained at Ecole Polytechnique (prestigious European Engineering School) and Stanford Graduate School of Business, Théo Hoffenberg is both a serial entrepreneur, and a visionary engineer.

    Instead of writing books on linguistic theories and foreign language learning methods, he chose to invest his knowledge in developing high-tech projects and products, designed for a wide range of users (individuals, companies, education).

    Some of the fields where he has played a pioneering role are: Hugo grammar spelling (provided under Microsoft license for Word); Collins-Online electronic dictionary for general use, Lexibase with Collins dictionaries, high-performance translation software and Intranet Reverso translation tool, languages portal for general use (Reverso.net) providing translation, grammar, dictionary and Conjugator, integrated translation tool and search engine for cross-languages search, integrated translation and voice (recognition and pronunciation), full multimedia resources platform for language learning: Infolangue,…

    He has also led more than 10 experimental projects supported by different ministries or by the European Commission, including Read-Leaf, Lexitec, Evalda, Freetext, WebCrossling, Infolangue, and Linguapro.

For your personal use:
discover Reverso.net, the language portal

Thanks to its experience in providing multilingual solutions for corporate customers, Reverso also developed a free online service adapted to the daily needs of Internet users.