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    Intranet translation

    Combining high-performance translation software with our linguistic research, Reverso Intranet offers the best customized translation solution for your company.

    Give your co-workers the chance to go beyond the language barrier of the communication.


    InfoLangue is a new e-platform designed to enhance oral foreign languages comprehension through authentic audio and video files available in their original version.

    Available in English, German and Spanish. To be used from primary school to college.

    Translation software

    Discover our range of products that will enable you to communicate daily in multiple foreign languages.

    Our products are designed for individual users and companies and they have already conquered millions of customers worldwide


    Electronic dictionary

    Available on your Intranet, they allow you to enjoy a permanent access to the best reference online dictionaries and glossaries:

    - HarpersCollins dictionaries,
    - specialized dictionaries
    - Collaborative dictionary to share terminology with other users.

    Electronic Dictionaries

    This dictionary concentrates the lexical richness provided by Collins into Lexibase user friendly and performant interface.

    Pronunciation module, collaborative function, powerfull search engine, conjugator.

    Electronic dictionaries

    User friendly, measurable and endowed with powerful search functionalities, these dictionaries can be used from your current applications.

    They will allow you to communicate accurately and easily on a daily basis.


    Translation workflow management

    Reduce costs and time to produce documents and web sites in multiple languages.

    Organize your translators (freelance or agencies), share translation memories, manage workflow.


    LinguaPro is a new e-platform designed to enhance the listening comprehension of foreign languages through audio and video files in their original version.

    A content adapted to technical highschools'profile.


    Learning Languages

    In a context of globalization, your co-workers have no choice but to collaborate with their foreign counterparts; Offer them the means to master verbal communication in English/ Spanish/ German!

    Discover LinguaPro, a multimedia platform dedicated to independent e-learning based on audio and video files, available in their original version.

    • Our Corporate Solutions
    • In your company
    • Softissimo has a solution for each department in your company
    • Collaborative tools
    • All employees take part in the update and enrichment of your collaborative dictionary and internal glossaries .
    • Customized solutions
    • We can create dictionaries with your own terminology.