• Translation software
      • Available in:
        French English
        French German
        French Spanish
      • The professional translation software for long documents and/or an everyday use.
      • Instant translation of the web pages
      • British vs US spelling
      • Possibility to add unknown words
      • Possibility to add specialized dictionaries
      • Integration in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook
      • Integration in your browser (Internet explorer, Firefox)
      • Performance (200 words/sec for each product)
      • Batch translation
      • Possibility to create easily personal dictionaries
      • Available in:
        Europe Pack:
        French English German Spanish Italian
        Dutch Polish Portuguese
        World Pack:
        Europe Pack +
        Russian Ukrainian Japanese Chinese Korean
      • An user-friendly software for the translation of documents, emails, websites!
      • The most complete and recently renewed electronic version of the famous Collins dictionary.
      • A natural pronunciation of the words and expressions in six languages: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, French..
      • Direct integration in Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Internet Explorer and fast access to all the other applications
      • A clear and simple layout (in French, English, German and Spanish).
    • Our Corporate Solutions
    • In your company
    • Softissimo has a solution for each department in your company
    • Collaborative tools
    • All employees take part in the update and enrichment of your collaborative dictionary and internal glossaries .
    • Customized solutions
    • We can create dictionaries with your own terminology.